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Your smile is a wonderful thing. People who smile regularly are often happier in their social lives, physically healthier and considered well-adjusted. However, as we get older, our teeth go through a lot, and it may make you feel self-conscious if they change colour, for example. At Parkfield Dental, we want to make you feel good about your smile, so you can feel better, brighter and more positive. We offer solutions for a multitude of issues that can improve the best thing about your face.


Tooth Whitening


If staining or discolouration are concerning you, tooth whitening is one of the easiest and most cost-effective cosmetic dental treatments, and is perfect for giving your confidence and smile a boost. At Parkfield Dental, we offer whitening kits for use in the comfort of your own home. The tooth whitening system we use works by breaking down the active ingredient in the whitening gel, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. As it breaks down, it allows oxygen to get into the tooth enamel and lighten the tooth.


After two or three visits to the dentist to fit your customised whitening tray, one of our dentists will instruct you on how to use it, so you can feel secure that you are under expert supervision while being able to treat yourself at home. The treatment is usually completed within four to six weeks.

Dental Implants


Dental implants are a long-lasting and effective way to replace missing teeth by placing a titanium implant into the gum, and then attaching a false tooth to the implant. Dental implants feel and look like natural teeth, require the same care as the rest of your mouth, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.


Same Day Teeth


Same Day Teeth is an innovative dental implant treatment offered at Parkfield Dental as an alternative to traditional dental implants. Whereas conventional dental implants require several months between inserting the implants and the final placement of the teeth, Same Day Teeth involves placing the implants and then securing a fixed temporary bridge, so that you don’t need to wait to have a full set of fixed teeth. After three to six months, the temporary bridge is replaced with a permanent one.


Not only does this treatment mean that your teeth are fixed more quickly, it also allows more flexibility within the healing stage. Once implants have been placed, the gums require healing, which takes several months, and often involves the gums shrinking. If a permanent bridge were to be put in straight away, there would be large gaps underneath. The temporary bridge also allows us to make sure that aspects such as the bite, your comfort and the look of your implants are perfect before fitting them permanently.

The Best Ways To Improve Your Smile Dental Implants



If a straighter smile or a reduction in gaps between your teeth are what you need to improve your smile, Invisalign might be right for you. Perfect for correcting crossbites, overbites, crowded teeth and more, Invisalign is a tailor made system that is subtle and effective. After a consultation to create an image of your teeth, you will be given a series of clear plastic aligners that you wear for the majority of the day, and change at home every couple of weeks. After the treatment has been successful, you’ll be given retainers to maintain your new smile.

The Best Ways To Improve Your Smile Invisalign

With all these treatments and more available at Parkfield Dental, we are confident we can help improve your smile, no matter your concern. To find out what we can do for you, call us on 0161 445 2397, or send us an email at


Google Reviews

Staff are always welcoming and put you at ease, Excellent dentists and have nothing negative to say at all!
Sandra Stewart
5 Stars all the way from me. I'm always treated superbly well from the moment I walk through the door. Oh, and Doc. Jo is a Superstar. All the best guys, we can all see it's tough with all the PPE you have to wear, but you do it with such aplomb and professionalism. See you soon.
Tony McAlinden
Everyone at this practice is top of there game the best of the best.
Paul Lambert
I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years and was nervous to go. My mum recommended Parkfield to me and they have been amazing! They made me feel incredibly comfortable and at ease, despite having to wear a lot of PPE and talked me through any procedures I needed doing.
Abigael Kirkby
I have been attending Parkfield Dental Practice for over 10 years and could not recommend them highly enough. The whole team is professional, knowledgeable and friendly and each procedure is carried out to the highest standard and is explained in great detail beforehand so that you know exactly what to expect. The level of expertise of the dentists and hygienists is second-to-none.
Louise Williams
I have been going to Parkfield Dental Practice for several years and have been impressed by the dental hygienist and the dentists. The care has been very professional. I am extremely happy with their services.
Jane Marks
I would like to thank everyone at Parkfield for making me feel safe during these troubled times upon my dental check up. Arfeen is always professional and puts me at ease along with the rest of the team.
Olivia Morgan-Meade
I have recently had treatment at Parkfield as a new patient. It has been during Covid and they have all been very, caring, helpful and professional in these difficult circumstances. I would recommend them. Thanks to all the staff.
Tim S
I have been a patient at this practice for over 25 years. First class service from the whole team. I highly recommend the practice to my own patients.
Brian Leatherbarrow
This is a really good dentist that I have been going to for years. All the staff have been friendly, efficient and professional.
Ron Clarey
I have followed Gill around for years...because she is the very best hygienist you'll ever find anywhere. I wouldn't be without her. I have total confidence and she gives endless reassurance re my teeth and gums. What an all round 5* STAR.
I have nothing but praise for Parkfield Dental Practice. I've been seeing Gill for many years and she has helped me keep my teeth and gums in good shape. I always feel confident that I will get the treatment I need when I go to see Jo. Thank you!
Karen Clarke
Very professional and friendly set up. Gill the hygienist is very experienced as is Mr Smith and on top of that the reception team are ultra efficient - text reminders of appointments as well. Just a really good dentist.
Will Card
A terrific dental practice. Dr Smith is excellent and has great attention to detail, Gill is a great Hyiegenist and the reception staff are always welcoming. My teeth have never been better.
Chrissie Knight
My partner has been seeing Jo and Gill for years as she had a lot of nervousness about dentists but thinks they are great. I'd not been to a dentist in 10 years but she persuaded me, I saw Dr Shah for a filling and was very happy with his professionalism and manner. I now go regularly like a good patient and would recommend them.
William Davies
I have been seeing Jo for approximately 3 years now. She is very calming and trusting as she works and as someone who is a little nervous at the dentist this is extremely comforting. She has been great with my girls (3 and 5), they in fact LOVE going to the dentist. Her magic wand and chair have them mesmerised!
Beckie Lowe
Wow! Never been to such an honest, professional practice, the dentist Joe was outstanding, she helped me achieve my confidence again. All the staff were second to none... I would definitely recommend this practice to everyone who is need of a dentist. Thanks parkfield team!
Dale Ashworth-Brown
I had my first consultation today with Dr Shah. He did a very thorough examination and explained his findings and treatment plan clearly with the aid of photographs and x-ray pictures. Given the quality of the service the fees are very reasonable. Highly recommended.
Giorgio Calisti
I have been a patient at Parkfield Dental practice for over 35 years and have always received excellent service from the whole team. Ian smith and Jo are wonderful dentists and Gill is a superb hygienist. The whole team are so friendly and helpful. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you
Fiona O'Sullivan
After an accident to my seven year old boy’s adult front tooth, Jo and Jade are the superheroes in his eyes. Thank you Jo and Jade for making his visit relaxing, stress-free and enjoyable. You are simply fabulous!
Muhammad Khan


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