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 White Tooth Coloured Fillings in Didsbury

Tooth decay can occur when acid is produced from plaque, which builds up on your teeth and can lead to further problems, such as dental caries (also known as dental cavities), gum disease or dental abscesses. At Parkfield Dental we adopt a preventative approach to ensure that dental decay is avoided where possible.

At Parkfield Dental, our preventative approach includes regular check-ups, as well as offering advice on how to prevent plaque and decay. How to improve your diet, oral hygiene and fluoride guidance are all covered.

Your smile is important to us and we offer a variety of solutions to ensure decay is eradicated. Many patients do not realise they need a filling, which is another reason why regular check-ups are so important.

During your filling procedure, a small amount of local anaesthetic is applied to numb the area, then the decay is removed. Your dentist will then clean the area ready for the filling, and fill the cavity. This can be done with different materials dependent on the finish you would like, usually either silver or “tooth coloured”.

Most people have fillings of one sort or another in their mouths. Nowadays fillings are not only functional, but can be natural-looking as well. Many people prefer to have 'tooth-coloured' fillings rather than silver fillings that show when they laugh or smile because they are more conscious about the way they look.

Parkfield Dental Practice has a large patient list covering all South Manchester including; Hale, Bowden, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Moor, Cheadle Hulme and Gatley. If you would like to contact us CALL 0161 445 2397 or email info@parkfield-dental.co.uk


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a temporary filling?

If you are in pain with a decayed tooth it may be necessary for the Dentist to place a temporary filling. It is better to not leave a decayed tooth exposed as it is high risk. The temporary filling acts as a protective barrier while you wait to have your permanent restoration.

Are tooth - colored fillings safer than silver?

No. Both are considered safe based on the most reliable and up-to-date scientific evidence. Still, tooth-colored fillings do have some definite advantages. Not only do they blend in with your smile far better than “silver” (dental amalgam) fillings, but they often require less removal of healthy tooth structure.

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