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Dental Treatment Fees

If you are not registered with the practice, but are having pain or have broken a tooth, you may see one of our Dentists for a one-off fee of £95 for treatment.

Are you considering cosmetic, orthodontic or dental implant work, but not sure about the best way to pay for it? If so you might be interested in the low cost payment plan we offer to fund your treatment - Medenta Finance Interest Free over 10 or 12 months with anything over the cost of £600

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on
(0161) 445 2397 or e-mail us at

Parkfield Dental Practice - Price fees as from 1/1/2016

Treatments Price
New Patient Consultation (inc 2 small x-rays) £85.00
Routine Examination (once registered) £33.00
Implant Consultation £135.00

Hygienist Price
Scale and Polish From £42.00
Cavi-jet From £57.50
Full mouth disinfection £370.00

Xrays Price
Xrays 1 film £13.00 Panoral £65.00

Restorations and Fillings Price
Tooth Coloured Fillings From from £85.00 to £185.00
Amalgam (silver) fillings from £68.00 to £160.00
Fillings with therapist from £75.00 to £95.00

Endodontics Price
Root Canal Treatment from £275.00 to £425.00
Reamers £30.00

Crowns / Cerec Price
Metal Free Crowns from £685.00
Porcelain bonded to Gold from £685.00
Porcelain veneers from £585.00
Porcelain onlay/inlay from £585.00

Whitening Price
Tooth Whitening (Home Kit) £380.00
In House Whitening £500.00

Extractions Price
Simple Extraction from £100.00
Surgical Extraction from £250.00

Implants Price
Single implant placement including crown from £2850.00

Dentures Price
Dentures full £1250.00 or £875 for either upper or lower
Partial acrylic denture from £365.00
Precision Metal denture From £800.00

Mouth Guards Price
Mouthguards clear £60.00 coloured £70.00
Emergency (seen same day) from £125.00
Emergency call out fee from £130.00

Orthodontics Price
Invisalign dual arch from £3000
Six month smile dual arch from £2500

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